“Brasseys Creek”, 104 Brassey Creek Road, Bungarby  NSW  2630

This 2500 acre Monaro property is situated 75km south of Cooma, nestled in a well protected valley with frontage to both the mighty Snowy and McLaughlin Rivers.    The undulating granite grazing country has predominately native pastures which have been improved with clovers.    


“Blue Hills”  281 Brown Pearsons Road, Bemboka  NSW  2550

Nestled at the foot of Brown Mountain, the 1050 acre property has both native and improved pastures.  The country is undulating to steep, has natural springs, 2 large dams and 4.2kms of frontage to the pristine Bemboka River.    Over the past 10 years, pastures have been fertilized only using natural products i.e Chicken manure, Liquid Seaweed,  worm castings and other worm related products.