Held in the new state of the art Huntington Stud Selling Complex.


27842 Leichhardt HWY, Taroom QLD 4420 (12min drive south of Taroom)

100 BULLS - Australian Topstock Taroom Bull Sale


Brown Mountain Angus returns to Queensland this year offering 15 exceptionally quiet, quality bulls with the majority being excellent for heifer joinings.

Sired by the #1 Marbling bull on Breedplan, Hazeldeane F1023 (6.1 IMF), Rennylea G35 (5.3IMF) and Glenoch Galleon G57, all bulls have been Sire Verified and genotyped giving you greater confidence in their predicted performance.

They have well balanced data, focused on calving ease, competitive growth and offer
excellent carcass traits. They have been structurally assessed by Liam Cardile, Vet Checked – guaranteed fit for breeding by Shane Thomson, Holbrook Vets, Tested PI negative and vaccinated for Tick Fever, 3 day Sickness, Vibrio, 7 in 1.


Bulls have been prepared for sale using a grass PCAS pellet (no grain) and hay/ silage.

They left for Queensland mid August and were placed in a feedlot for a 6 week period pre- sale to acclimatize.

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