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BROWN MOUNTAIN ANGUS STUD was founded in 2004 with the purchase of 70 HBR heifers from the Weemalah Stud in Romsey, Victoria.  Weemalah was founded in 1969 with Barwidgee, Victoree and Sutherland bloodlines.  The major cow base at Victoria came from Bontharambo, one of Australia’s first three registered herds in 1919.  Bontharambo Wangaratta was Victoria’s 1st registered Angus stud herd and won most of Australia’s beef carcass competitions through the 20’s and 30’s at Melbourne and Sydney shows.

From this strong carcass base, Brown Mountain Angus has been developed with an emphasis on the demands of a tough and challenging environment, without forgetting the needs of the fastidious consumer who wants every delectable bite to be health enhancing.  Grass production, Omega 3 and Marbling are the key.

Bega Valley Angus Breeders

5yo Brown Mountain cow H55 with bull calf at foot N131 at 6mth of age.   “Easy doing under hard conditions”

As the world’s pastures continue to become drier and less productive, the cattle population we now have will need to be remodelled in order to produce the high quality, healthy beef consumers demand.  Livestock will have to convert natural carefully managed pastures instead of being fed costly rations.  These rations require expensive and environmentally non sustainable levels of diesel, water, chemicals and fertilizer.

The Angus breed, which has always been based on easy calving, easy doing, fertile and high quality carcass cattle, has been embraced by us to supply profitable hassle free genetics.
Brown Mountain Angus genetics are generally low birth weights, moderate maturity pattern, high scrotal, positive fat and high marbling.  Our cows are bred to calve every year under commercial conditions, return to calf easily and calve without assistance.   

In recent years Brown Mountain Angus has owned and used two of Angus Australia’s leading carcase quality sires, NORG35 (IMF =5.6) and NHZF1023 (IMF =  6.2).  These two bulls are and have been the highest or equal highest IMF bulls in both HBR and APR Angus Breedplan.

Brown Mountain Angus has produced and marketed some exemplary sires including groups of bulls to Queensland.  Surplus heifers have been sold to establish new Breedplan herds for other breeders.

Our goal is to market high quality carcass cattle which will withstand the ever more demanding Australian climate and grass conditions.